“Every time a mentalist picks up
a prop, his price goes down.”  
“Mentalism ain’t cheap, ain’t easy, ain’t for beginners.”  
—Harris A. Solomon, 1956
(IBM President, 1960–61)

Here you’ll find …

… an Excel spreadsheet for exploring and designing sequential stacks in the “Si Stebbins style”

… a printable practice form for constructing magic squares

… two simple, yet effective, (on-line) tools for learning and practising memorized deck stacks, from J. Cheng and Joe Williamson, plus a stand-alone app for Google’s Android OS, from “Claudio the Cardist

… a fully fledged, free, Windows-based application for modelling & working with deck stacks, from Nick Pudar

… a programmable (on-line) application for the inveterate deck fiddler, allowing experimention with the effects of various deck manipulations on stack orders, from Allistair Crompton

… two construction tools for “branching/progressive anagrams”: the simple (Windows) classic from Peter Lipp, and a more specialized (on-line) one from Kevin M. Dunn

… practice tools for readers (incorporating a clearly-defined context for each reading), using a variety of oracles:

Tarot Cards (complete pack)

Tarot Cards (trumps only)

Playing Cards


Zener Symbols (3)

Zener Symbols (5)

Druid Sticks


Additional items will no doubt follow in time.