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Here you’ll find …

... an idiosyncratic collection of mystery-entertainment-related links that interest the author, and perhaps you. It is not intended to be comprehensive in any way, and favours topics relating to mentalism, readings, and the bizarre. (Note: “★” denotes a forum.)

This page memorializes the late Marcello Truzzi,
who delighted in sending his friends
“links of possible interest”.

dealers (playing cards)

Card-Shark [DE]
Dead on Paper
House of Playing Cards
MacGregor Historic Games Playingcards.net
Print by Magic (James Anthony) [UK]
R. Somerville [UK]
U.S. Games Systems
U.S. Playing Card Company | Bicycle Cards
White Knuckle Playing Cards
World of Paper Empires

dealers (magick)

Adermark (pendulums, dowsing, etc.) [CA]
Amulets by Merlin (rune, tarot castings)
Arcane Relics
Artisan Tarot (tarot & ESP cards)
Astrolabe (astrology software & more)
Black Artefacts (Black Hart) [UK]
Buy Pendulums at Wholesale
Curiotorium | Thaumysta Magic (Mary Tomich)
Dark Artefacts [UK]
Dark Artifice
Deviant Moon (Patrick Valenza)
Discount New Age Books
Enchanted Glyph
Gargoyles Statuary
Gemini Artifacts
Johnson’s Curiosities (Joshua Johnson)
Lucky Mojo
Madam Talbot
Magic Pendulums
Mooreni Magic
Papa Jim’s Botanica
Pyramid Collection
Resonant Energies
Soul Guidance
Le Tarot [FR]
Tarot Totes
Temple of Miriam (Jeremy Weiss)
Xeonix (pendulums, etc.)
... See also under dealers (playing cards)

dealers (mentalism et al)

The 1914 [UK]
1A Magic (Lior Manor)
AB Stagecraft (Alberstat & Busch)
Abbott’s Magic
Abstract Effects (The Other Brothers)
Alakazam [UK]
Alan Sands Store
Anthem Flint Shop
Ayres, Mick
BaKoRe Magic
Bazar de Magia [AR]
Bennett, Nils [DE]
Bernstein, Bruce
BJW Magical Jewelers
Black Cat Magic (Bazz Fazackerley) [UK]
Breese, Martin [UK]
Brook, Paul [UK]
Browser’s Den of Magic [CA]
Busch, Richard
Carlyle Touch (Ed Fowler)
Cesaral Magic [ES]
Chessex (dice)
Choice Magic (Jamie Salinas)
Christopher, Dee [UK]
Cobra Magic (Yaniv Levy) [IL]
Cold Reading Company (Julian “Bev” Moore) [UK]
Cold Reading Success (Ian Rowland) [UK]
Collector’s Workshop (also Viking Mfg.)
Copeland Coins (Jeff Copeland)
Dark Arts Press (Jared Kopf, John Wilson)
Daws, Jamie [UK]
The Deceptionary (Doug Dyment) [CA]
Deceptions Unlimited (Rick Maue)
DragonSkull (Karl Bartoni) [UK]
DTrik (Wayne Dobson) [UK]
Dynamic Minds (William Patrick) [UK]
Eason, Doc
El Duco’s Magic [SE]
e-Mentalism (Jose Prager)
Fabric Manipulation (Lynetta Welch)
The Fifth Column (Simon Edwards)
Fingers, Jimmy
Fredi Up (thumb tips) [FR]
Funtime Innovations (Sam Dalal) [IN]
Giobbi, Roberto [IT]
Grand Illusions
H&R Magic Books
Haines House of Cards
HektorMagic [BG]
Harris, Ben [AU]
Hocus Pocus Magic (Paul Gross)
I Saw That! (Ariel Frailich) [CA]
Illuminati Magic (Nathan Buzza) [AU]
Illusion.Works (Joe Porper)
International Magic [UK]
Jermay Mentalism (Luke Jermay) [UK]
Joyal, Martin [CA]
Ka, Daniel [ES]
Kardwell Int’l (gaming supplies)
Keith Bennett Magic [UK]
Kennedy, John
KJMagic (Kevin James)
Kohler, Bob
Kueppers, Roy (coins, etc.) [CA]
L&L Publishing | ePublishing
LabcoMagic [DK]
Lebanon Circle [UK]
Lee Asher Magic
Lewin Enterprises (Nick Lewin)
Lewis Jones Magic [UK]
Lincoln World (Lincoln Kamm)
Lukas Crafts [KR]
Lybrary.com (Chris Wasshuber)
Madison Playing Cards (Daniel Madison) [UK]
Magic by Pauline (Pauline & Dan Tong)
The Magic Depot
The Magic Gadget Site (Rod McFadden)
Magic of the Imagination (Allen Zingg)
Magic Inc.
Magic Inspirations (Banachek/Wells)
Magic Makers
Magic Pro
Magic Taboo (Tommy Burnett)
The Magic Warehouse
Magical Solutions (Max Gordon) [UK]
MagicTricks [UK]
Magick Words (Russell Hall) [UK]
MagicWorld [UK]
MagikData (Fabrice Delaure) [FR]
Magikraft Studios (Martin Lewis)
Mark Leveridge Magic [UK]
Marketplace of the Mind (Jheff)
Martini’s Magic (Marty Martini)
Master-Miracles (Jürgen Kretschmer) [DE]
Mavresis, Nikolas
Mentalism Center (Pablo Amirá)
Mentalism Tools (Eric Samuels) [CA]
Mentalistry [UK]
MentalTek (Walter Davis)
Mental Underground (Kennedy) [UK]
Mental Voyage (Paul Carnazzo)
Mental(magic)ism (Scott Creasey)
MetalWriting (Andreas Sebring) [SE]
Michael Ammar Magic
MindFX (Michael Murray) [UK]
Mindhaus (Lewis Le Val) [UK]
Mind’s Eye View (Loren Tindall)
The Miracle Factory
Miracle Makers (Edward Stein) [DE]
MiracleMindFX (John van der Linden) [NL]
Miscellaneous Miracles (Phill Smith) [UK]
Misdirections Magic (Joe Pon)
Mooreni Magic (J.c. Moore)
Motta Magic (Bobby Motta) [CA]
Mr “E” Enterprises (Eddie Burke) [UK]
The Mystery Store (Julien Losa) [FR]
The Mystic Tower (Dan Harlan)
The Neat Review [UK]
Neo Magic (Vinny Sagoo) [UK]
Northern Miracles (Joel Dickinson) [UK]
Oberon Magic Shop (Marc Oberon) [UK]
Orion Magic Productions (Perseus Arkomanis) [GR]
Owen Magic Supreme
ParaLabs [DE]
Parker, Fraser [UK]
Pegani [DK]
Penguin Magic
The Perfect Shuffle (Eoin O’Hare) [IE]
Pop’s Magic (Whit “Pop” Haydn)
The Pro Shop (Loren Tindall)
Pro-Magic (Guy Bavli)
PropDog (Dave Bonsall) [UK]
Psych Artist (Colin McLeod) [UK]
Psychic Mentality [UK] <
Psychic Science (Michael Daniels)
Quicker Than the Eye (Potter & Potter)
Read My Mind (Looch) [UK]
RedDevil Mentalsim
Redford, Patrick G.
Riggs, John
Riser, James
Ronjo Magic & Costume
Sankey, Jay [CA]
School for Scoundrels
The Secret Source (Greg Wilson)
Secret Tannery (Gerard Kearney) [IE]
Simplex Magic (Jim Rainho)
Skyward Magic (Tom Phoenix)
Spiritus Dictum Artifacts (Pete McMillan)
Steinmeyer, Jim Tabman Tables
Tadaa (Joel Dickinson) [UK]
Tango Magic (coins) [AR]
Taylor Imagineering (Christopher Taylor) [CA]
Thought Illusions (Stephen Eric Young) [NL]
Tips & Tricks (Ryan Pilling) [CA]
Tony Curtis Magic [TH]
Trapdoor Productions (Steve Beam)
Trick-Dice.com (Steve Cormack) [UK]
Trick or Die (Max Arcanie)
Underground Collective [UK]
Underwords [CA]
The Unseen Arts (William Rader)
Vanishing Inc.
Wonder Wizards (Kenton Knepper)
World Magic Shop [UK]
Worldwide Magic (Ran Pink)
Yedid, Meir
Yurasits, Tom

dealers (used books)

Alladin Books
Bradbury Books & Beyond
CollectingMagicBooks [UK]
Don’s Magic & Books (Don Bursell)
Quicker Than the Eye
Walker, Byron


Academy of Magical Arts
Conjuring Community | + (Aaron Fisher & Adam Grace)
IBM | Ring 2100 | Ring 92 Vancouver
Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick
The Magic Circle [UK]

bulletin boards / forums

Conjure Nation ★
Genii |
Magic Bunny | [UK]
The Magic Café |
Magic (subreddit) ★
The Magician’s Forum ★
The Mentalist Sanctum ★
Mind Gems Brain Trust |

blogs / vlogs / podcasts

Behind the Page (John Gaspard)
Cardopolis | + (David Britland)
Cassidy, Bob
Cram, Scott
Deautsch, Yaniv
Dellman, David | videos
Discourse in Magic (Jonah Babins)
Don't Everybody Leave (Mac King)
Tips & Tricks (Ryan Pilling)
The Jerx
Lewis, Mark
The Magic Newswire | + (Dodd Vickers)
The Magic Word (Scott Wells)
The Magicians’ Podcast (Richard Young)
The Mystery Arts Podcast (Matt Packard)
Kross, Ford
Magic Roadshow
Scrivner, Dan
Symbols & Secrets | + | + (Jonathan Pritchard)
Talking Schtick (Mark James)
Steinmeyer, Jim

sensory illusions

Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages
Cool Optical Illusions
Grand Illusions
Optical/sensory Illusions
Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena [DE]
Spirals Illusion | Eye Warp
Visual Cognition Lab demos
Visual Illusions & Phenomena [RU]

playing cards

52 Plus Joker (antique deck collectors)
CARDSHARK Online (card cheating)
International Playing-Card Society [UK]
Playing Card FAQ
Playing Card Systems
World of Playing Cards [UK]


About Astrology
American Society of Dowsers
Astrology-Numerology | + (Michael Thiessen)
Aeclectic Tarot
CBD Tarot (Yoav Ben-Dov)
Divination Glossary
EastWest Institute (palmistry)
Facade (on-line readings)
Johnny Fincham
Forgotten Scripts (“A Book of Runes”)
Lo Shu Numerology (Jay Jennings)
Mary K. Greer (tarot)
Hand Analysis (Lynn Seal)
Hand Analysis Research (Martijn van Mensvoort)
HumanHand (palmistry)
Irminsul Ættir (runes)
Learning the Tarot (on-line course)
Museum of Talking Boards (Ouija, etc.)
Psycards <
Psychic Science (Michael Daniels)
Salem Tarot
Mark Seltman (palmistry)
Tarot.com (also Astrology, Numerology, I Ching)
The Tarot of Marseille [FR]
Tarot Passages
Tarot Texts
Trionfi (Tarot)
Trusted Tarot
World Numerology (Hans Decoz)

magickal miscellany

Haunted Attraction (magazine)
Hermetics.org (on-line texts, etc.)
PinStruck (send voodoo curses)
Psychic Science | ebooks
Surnateum (Museum of Supernatural History) [BE]
WitchWay.net (Wicca & Witchcraft)
Wood, Robin

magical lineage

Conjuring Archive (Denis Behr) [DE]
Conjuring Credits
Magic Lineage Project
MagicBooks (Jacky Kahan) [BE]
MagicPedia (Genii)
Magic Reference Pages (Doug Atkinson)
Martin’s Magic Collection (Andy Martin)

magical miscellany

W.G. Alma Conjuring Collection [AU]
Art of Play
Blackpool Magicians’ Club [UK]
California Magic Club (supper club)
Canada’s Magic [CA]
Card Colm (Colm Mulcahy)
The Chamber of Wallets
Conjuring Chronicles (John Kippen)
Cool Ki Tricks
Doomsday Algorithm
The Encyclopedia of Scams
Fake Receipt Maker
Fake Ticket Generator
Fake Money/Cards/Docs/etc. Artwork [NL]
Gim-Crack Microphone Holder
Grogono Magic Squares
Human Memory
Inside Magic (news)
Internet Archive (magic books)
iTricks (Andrew Mayne (news))
Juggling Information Service
Knight’s Tour
Leirpoll, Jarle | Misdirection Resource
Magic! (message archive)
Magic Broadcast (radio)
Magic Convention Guide
Magic Fakers
The Magic Newswire
Magic On The Go (Steve Valentine)
Magic Squares (Mark Farrar)
Magic Times
Magic Video Blog
Magic Week [UK]
Mathematical Magic
MentaliOSm (mentalism apps)
Mentalist Biographies [UK]
Mentat Wiki (mind techniques)
Mind Magic [UK]
Monday Night Magic (New York, NY)
MyLovelyAssistant.com (reviews)
My Magic Meeting
Nelson, Robert A. (tribute)
People’s magic Library (Mariano Tomatis) [IT]
Pentrix (pen spinning)
Progressive Anagrams (Kevin M. Dunn)
Psychology of Magic
Puzzle World
Remote Show Control (with a laptop)
Scam Nation (Brian Brushwood)
Schneider, Al
Simon Drake’s House of Magic (London, UK)
Vanish (International Magic Magazine)


Brown, Derren [UK]
Burger, Eugene
Carter, Christopher
Calahan, Jim
Cloud, Colin
Conover, Tim
Draper, Paul
Einhorn, Nicholas [UK]
Fraps, Thomas [DE]
Gittelson, Allen
Kreskin, The Amazing
Johnson, Ross
Kurtz, Gary [CA]
Lewis, Mark [CA]
Maven, Max
McAdam, Drew
Nu, Alain
Nyman, Andy [UK]
Osterlind, Richard | +
Pacific, Paul [CA]
Paul, Marc [UK]
Penn & Teller | +
Pullum, John
Rowland, Ian [UK]
Salem, Marc
Segal, Doug [UK]
Shenoy, Nakul [IN]
Swiss, Jamy Ian
Tobin, Neil
Webster, Richard
Zaltsman, Roy

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