TaroTutor22: Practice Tool for
a Three-Card Tarot Spread
(Major Arcana Only)

This page displays a simple, randomly-generated, three-card tarot spread, in conjunction with a brief description of a querent (the person for whom a reading is conducted) and a topic of interest. It is intended for study purposes, enabling tarot readers to practice giving short readings for a variety of situations. The cards can be considered as aspects of the past, present, and future, or simply an interrelated group pertaining to the topic at hand.

To generate a new querent and tarot card spread, click the “another reading” button. For maximum benefit, these practice readings should be spoken aloud, as they would be in a normal setting.

The card images displayed above are from the excellent CBD Tarot de Marseille, Yoav Ben-Dov’s faithful reproduction of the traditional deck published (1760) in Marseille by artist Nicholas Conver. This deck includes both major and minor arcanas, comes with a simple instruction booklet, and can be purchased directly from Yoav. The Marseille tarot is prized by many readers, as it represents what is widely considered the best of the classical tarot images prior to the point at which the occultists got hold of them, wandering into wild flights of fantasy (and losing the deeper insights of the original image-makers). They are especially suitable for those wishing to present the tarot in a non-occult setting.

I recommend two introductory books on giving tarot readings here. A fine book on a less formulaic approach to readings (with a focus on the Marseille tarot) is Yoav Ben-Dov’s own Tarot – The Open Reading. Noted tarologist Enrique Enriquez has also given considerable thought to a style of reading that relies less on rote memorization of “card meanings”, and more on symbology and personal intuition. His Looking at the Marseilles Tarot: Notes on Tarot’s Optical Language is definitely worth examining.

… Doug Dyment