TaroTutor78: Practice Tool for
a Three-Card Tarot Spread
(Major & Minor Arcanas)

This page displays a simple, randomly-generated, three-card tarot spread, in conjunction with a brief description of a querent (the person for whom a reading is conducted) and a topic of interest. It is intended for study purposes, enabling tarot readers to practice giving short readings for a variety of situations. The cards can be considered as aspects of the past, present, and future, or simply an interrelated group pertaining to the topic at hand.

To generate a new querent and tarot card spread, click the “another reading” button. For maximum benefit, these practice readings should be spoken aloud, as they would be in a normal setting.

The card images displayed above are from the excellent Universal Tarot, illustrated by Roberto De Angelis (per Arthur Edward Waite’s original instructions) and published by Lo Scarabeo Edizioni d'Arte (Torino, Italy). This pack is available in two sizes—traditional and miniature—plus a kit that comes packaged with a detailed instructional book.

An excellent book for learning to give commercial tarot card readings is Richard Webster’s The Tarot For Fun And Profit. And Gail Fairfield’s Everyday Tarot (aka Choice Centered Tarot) will give you a firm grasp of the meanings of the individuual cards. Once you have mastered these, I suggest investing in Ron Martin’s comprehensive Tarot Reader’s Notebook. See also these recommendations.

… Doug Dyment