GeoTutor: Practice Tool for
Druid Stick Throws

This page displays three randomly-generated throws of druid sticks, in conjunction with a brief description of a querent (the person for whom a reading is conducted) and a topic of interest. It is intended for study purposes, enabling geomancers to practice giving short readings for a variety of situations. The throws can be considered as aspects of the past, present, and future, or simply an interrelated group pertaining to the topic at hand.

To generate a new querent and druid stick throws, click the “another reading” button. For maximum benefit, these practice readings should be spoken aloud, as they would be in a normal setting.

Geomancy—once the second most popular divination system (after astrology)—is associated with the earth, thus more "grounded" than one with a heavenly focus. Additionally, its symbols are very basic in form, encouraging an expansion of the reader's natural abilities, rather than the flights of symbolic fantasy that sometimes accompany systems such as the tarot. Consequently, geomancy (accent on the first syllable) is an excellent choice of divination approach for beginners.

Although there are a number of classic reference works on geomancy, such as Alistair Crowley's Liber Gaias—A Handbook of Geomancy and Henry Cornelius Agrippa's of Geomancy, two of the best contemporary volumes are The Art and Practice of Geomancy, by John Michael Greer, and Geomancy for Beginners, by Richard Webster.

… Doug Dyment