The ultimate in impromptu mentalism,
now in its second (revised) printing …

Doug Dyment’s

Sign Language

A Monograph on the Impromptu
Divination of Zodiac Signs

… enabling the mystery entertainer both to determine and dramatically reveal a participant’s Zodiac sign, letter by letter, without anything ever having been written or otherwise recorded. It is completely impromptu, can be done at any time, anywhere, and serves as an excellent response to the “read my mind” request that the working mentalist is likely to face from time to time. It also makes for a compelling over-the-telephone demonstration.

Originally popularized by Ray Grismer’s “What’s Your Sign”, this effect has in recent years become a classic of impromptu mentalism. Most versions, however, suffer from less-than-optimal design, with little or no mechanism to keep the performance from looking like a guessing game.This new offering delivers a significantly improved methodological construction, detailed performance instructions (explaining the powerful “ABC” technique), and a carefully crafted script designed to more effectively shroud its modus operandi.

As an added bonus, Sign Language also works with participants who are more advanced in their astrological understanding, and aware of the thirteenth Zodiac sign (Ophiuchus) that is commonly omitted from popular horoscopes.


Some readers’ comments:

“I’m not [normally a fan of this approach], but Sign Language is so well camouflaged that no one would ever know. In a word it’s excellent.” — [USA]

“One of my best investments” — [Switzerland]

“Your book covers the effect in great detail. I only wish I could write as clearly … anyone who is doing or has thought of doing Ray Grismer’s What’s Your Sign? will want this book, even if they do not want to learn a new layout (although yours is certainly superior); most of the material still applies and really shows one how to enhance the effect. Well done. A ‘must have’ book.” — [USA]

“I bought Sign Language from you about a year back, spent the time required and reaped enormous benefit at every party I have gone to ever since. I always thank you for that.” — [USA]

“Doug Dyment’s Sign Language [is] very good and I heartily recommend it. A very cunning way of using it is to ask the spec to write down their star sign plus one other piece of info. You can then get the star sign with no peek. You then peek the other info and reveal that. Very deceptive!” — [UK]

“Doug has taken the premise and greatly enhanced it … a lot of spot-on wisdom … history, theory, insightful suggestions, and specific order (including theatre and psychology) that will delight those of you who enjoy [this] effect. Doug even includes an attractive list of correctly-spelled signs for the participant to look at, about the size of a small postcard … with all the schematic information on the back for you to easily and secretly consult. One-on-one, over the phone, it’s all ready for you to go … I like it. Recommended.” — [USA]

“… tried [Sign Language] out under fire in close-up performances over the last couple of days. It is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. I’ll definitely be incorporating this into my close-up repertoire on a permanent basis …” — [UK]

“The ultimate effects that a mentalist can ever perform involve no props whatsoever. This is one of those effects.” — [USA]

“Loved your publications … right up my alley!” — [UK]

“… the best by far … I highly recommend this - for those of you who have only had experience of Maven’s Contimental, I’d urge you to check this out.” — [UK]

“Very nicely done, and, as a cold reader myself, a very strong and convincing use of a few of the verbal methods that help amaze the sitter.” — [USA]

“… a great job … especially the aspects on presentation … so well done.” — [Ireland]

“Doug’s stuff is excellent, both Sign Language and Mindsights.” — [UK]

“Doug Dyment’s book Sign Language is a must have … [his] system offers me something that I really wanted to add to my arsenal: a really good reply to ‘Read my mind’ that didn’t require anything (props, blank business cards, etc.). And this does it! It is easy to learn, easy to use, and really hits them (especially the skeptics who don’t believe … I had one mumbling to himself that I must have asked one of his friends, even though he came alone!). Get it now!” — [Canada]

“I just wanted to say how much I like performing … Sign Language. The script is spot on and a delight to use. Even I believe that I can read minds!!” — [UK]

“Your ideas are entirely practical and explained exceptionally well … While I’ve always thought Ray Grismer’s What’s Your Sign concept was clever, I never employed it for ‘real’ spectators. I will now. Thanks for sharing this very useful material.” — [USA]

“Congratulations to Doug … Well written, very clear in its explanation … A very clever new slant on the original.” — [UK]

Sign Language is great.” — [Portugal]

Sign Language has been part and parcel of my routine for years!” — [UK]

“I want to let you know that I think [Sign Language] is exceptional!” — [Germany]

“… if you don’t have Doug’s books, you’re really missing out.” — [USA]

“Doug’s method is terrific.” — [USA]

“… exceptionally clean, and wonderfully deceptive.” — [UK]

“… excellent material. Your attention to the scripting makes all the difference.” — [UK]

“I’m a big fan of both Mindsights & Sign Language!” — [USA]

“I really like [Sign Language] … I have had some incredible reactions to it …” — [USA]

“I really enjoy Sign Language.” — [USA]

“It’s superb” — [UK]

“I just picked up Sign Language and it’s great. Anyone who is going to be doing branching/progressive anagrams needs to get this. Doug offers great advice on how to deal with an anagram and his star sign routine is a winner!” — [USA]

Sign Language is wonderful — just what I wanted.” — [USA]

“I’m soooooo glad I picked up your 2 books at the [PEA convention]. Very, very usable stuff.” — [USA]

Mindsights and Sign Language … outstanding contributions to the art of mentalism.” — [USA]

Sign Language has been an incredible weapon in my arsenal.” — [USA]

“Just wanted to add my praises to the existing collection for your Sign Language treatise … leaps and bounds ahead of any of the others in terms of practicality.” — [USA]

“I’m thoroughly enjoying Sign Language” — [USA]

“It’s really great!!! This gem is something I will make good use of.” — [USA]

“… well thought out … high on the amazement scale … Get Doug’s “Sign Language” and don’t look back.” — [USA]

Sign Language is a ‘killer’ advancement … thanks for writing this!!!!!!” — [USA]

“… wonderful. Thank you for sharing your insights on this remarkable [effect].” — [USA]

“I love Sign Language. I couldn’t ask for a better impromptu mental effect; it’s something that I will use for the rest of my days. Great work.” — [USA]

Mindsights and Sign Language are a must read … full of stuff that the real world pro’s are using.” — [Israel]

“Doug Dyment’s Sign Language is brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. I can’t recommend [it] enough.” — [USA]

“Congratulations to Doug for this excellent treatise. I have used it on the phone and it works even better than you expect. The person is floored … This is great stuff!” — [USA]

“… just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed all of your products. I use Sign Language on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, and it always goes over well. Thank you for putting some of your ideas into print and making them available …” — [USA]

Sign Language looks like real mind reading. Anyone who has seen me perform for lay audiences … will have noticed that this is one of the few things I do, because, quite simply, it’s all I have to do to appear ‘real’! For anyone who doesn’t have Sign Language, I genuinely recommend your getting a copy. It is truly brilliant, simple, and to the point. Once you’ve learned it and use it regularly, you will be ready to perform real mind reading whenever you like!” — [U.K.]

Sign Language is a great approach to a great effect.” — [USA]

“I am enjoying your books. They are very well written and full of great ideas …” — [USA]

“Both Mindsights & Sign Language are topnotch. You might as well get them both at the same time …” — [USA]

“wonderful” — [USA]

“I highly recommend Doug Dyment’s Sign Language—beautifully presented and easy to remember. It is not only a good effect on its own, it will also help you if you do readings, using his ‘ABC’ method.” — [USA]

“… exactly what I was looking for.” — [USA]

“It is excellent! Very clever subtleties, very well thought out … a great piece of mentalism and very underpriced!” — [Canada]

“I just added [Zodiac sign divination] back into my stage show …. Doug’s version. And boy, am I glad I did.” — [USA]

“I really like Sign Language!” — [USA]

“excellent … a wonderful impromptu display of mind reading … a great effect!” — [USA]

“In my humble opinion anyone interested in these techniques needs to read Doug’s work on the subject … Sign Language has a wealth of instruction and advice … wholeheartedly recommended, it's the best publication there is on [this type of effect].” — [UK]

“I … was impressed from the start. I like your thinking, your clarity and the strength of your subtleties. Your presentation of this routine outpaces all the other PAs that I’ve used and reviewed and makes what can be a frighteningly obvious method into a truly mysterious, inexplicable event. Finally, a workable PA presentation for this plot!” — [USA]

“I am impressed about how easy [Sign Language] is to learn … This routine is very, very good and I am glad that I found this … For each week passing, I like the clever words and the philosophy in it even more … Sign Language imho is a must.” — [Norway]

“The material in Sign Language is fantastic… powerful stuff.” — [USA]

“I have used Sign Language for about a year now and it’s wonderful! Doug nicely handles any NO responses you get with logical responses that look like real mind reading. It’s anywhere/anytime/totally impromptu mentalism!” — [USA]

“… everything the reviews said it was; an excellent routine.” — [UK]

“This is a true impromptu miracle … almost too good to recommend to others.” — [USA]

“[Doug’s] astrology sign algorithm is by far the easiest I’ve seen—very useful.” — [USA]

Sign Language was a fantastic read and very inspirational, which is why I’ve ordered the rest of [Doug’s] material.” — [Ireland]

“Thank you for Sign Language. I love it.” — [UK]

“I continue to knock people out by divining their sign, using [Doug’s] ideas from Sign Language. Thanks!” — [USA]

“I just wanted to add my endorsement for Doug Dyment’s Sign Language … It’s really a great system. I can’t say enough good things about it. If you don’t have it, you should.” — [USA]

Sign Language is a great effect and [Doug’s] ABC technique … is invaluable.” — [USA]

“… the reactions I am experiencing while performing Sign Language are tremendous. It’s priceless, as the shock factor is awesome and for a few quid is money well spent.” — [UK]

“… really enjoyed Sign Language; I've been checking out various versions of the effect, and have decided to adopt your presentation and method. Thanks so much for putting your ideas into print.” — [USA]

Sign Language arrived the other day and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve been doing various versions of this type of effect since Phil Goldstein published Thabbatical … thanks very much for sharing some wonderful improvements to a great effect.” — [UK]

… Doug Dyment