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Doug Dyment’s


Further Tools & Performance Pieces
For the Mystery Entertainer

Featuring the following …

  • “On The Square” is a new, previously unpublished technique for constructing magic squares “for real” (i.e., with no gimmicks, cribs, advance preparation, partially-memorized squares, or anything other than the mind of the entertainer). Unlike other methods for magic squares (which have been known to fill books with their complexity), this revolutionary approach requires no memorization of numbers and no difficult arithmetic (if you can divide an even number by two, you can do this). It works for any target integer (including dates, etc.), and produces true magic squares that add to the target total in from 28–36 different ways, with no repeated values (except for target totals less than 34, where it is impossible to avoid such repetition) or numbers that look out of place. Multiple squares can be created with no duplications, even for identical target numbers, making this lifetime skill ideal for all types of performances, including walk-around and trade shows.
  • “The Zenith Stack” finally achieves a goal pursued by mentalism creators for over half a century. Doing for the classic ESP/Zener deck what the DAO Stack perfected for playing cards, it delivers a sequential stack that withstands careful scrutiny, yet uses an all-but-trivial method to determine the following (or preceding) card. In addition to its obvious uses, the stack also incorporates setups for some strong Zener symbol effects.
  • “The Vision” contributes a rarity among mentalism effects, one that personally connects with the participants in a way that seems inexplicable. Able to draw gasps from an audience, it is based on a strong story line, delivers a compelling (and unexpected) climax, and yet depends on clever routining, not complex methodology, permitting the entertainer to focus on presentation, not prestidigitation. A great closing (or encore) effect.
  • “Menologue” is a dramatically simplified, “hands-off” approach to the classic diary effect. In this version, a prediction is written and left in the possession of a trusted audience member (never touched again by the entertainer); two (truly) randomly-chosen values are used to specify a month and a day within that month; when the diary (there is only one, also in the hands of the audience from the beginning) is consulted, the single playing card written at the selected date entry is unequivocally the one stated in the prediction (and the card appears nowhere else in that month).
  • “The Natal Square” brings the best of magic square methodology to the domain of the reader, enabling the construction of squares in which not only the four central numbers comprise the participant’s date of birth, but every other number can also be shown to have a direct and uniquely personal connection with her interests and/or relationships. More than yet another magic square technique, this is a complete reading system that not only enthralls the client but provides the perfect take-home souvenir in the form of a yantra or talisman. (And even those with no interest in readings will discover that this particular methodology allows for a construction — and presentational — approach not possible with other techniques.)
  • Two different Zener symbol effects, one replicating early ESP experiments, the other an unfathomable demonstration of the psychic bond that can exist between two people.
  • You’ll also learn a new marking technique for Bicycle cards that combines ease of application with clarity of reading, and a demonstration of psychic influence (or PK, depending on your presentational preference) that may well astonish you every bit as much as your participants!


Some readers’ comments:

“Another wonderful book! The material is both clever and practical. What more could one ask?” — [USA]

“As usual with [Doug’s] stuff, great thinking, practical ideas, and well thought out presentations. And [he’s] definitely the king of footnotes, references, and crediting.” — [USA]

“Everyone has heard the term “Big things come in small packages.” It would seem that this simple phrase should have been created for Doug Dyment’s offerings of the last few years. Doug has put out a series of booklets that are packed with extremely powerful tools and routines for mentalists and magicians. Each time one of these yellow books shows up in the mail, my excitement in opening it reminds me of the meaning of the “Big things …” phrase.

His latest offering, Idiopraxis, is exactly that. Huge … in a small package of 60 pages (hmm-m-m, not so small when you think of it). Consider it a stick of dynamite for the mentalist. Tools that allow you to blow people away.

As usual with most of these books, Doug takes the magic square and continues to teach inside and outside the boundaries of what one can do with this amazing tool. You really need all of his writings on this, as his teaching skills are bar none. By the time you are done reading what Doug has produced on this subject, you will not only be an expert on the square, but you will be able to think of ways to play with this subject for yourself and — as a result — not be like every other mentalist out there. But each booklet, including this one, is so much more than a magic square treatise.

“Penney’s From Heaven” is based upon work done by mathematician Walter Penney and originally presented to the magic community by Martin Gardner (by the way, Doug is meticulous when it comes to crediting). It can either be used as a bar bet, or, as Doug frames it, so much more.

Doug‘s “Zenith Stack” attacks and defeats a subject that has had any mentalist who uses ESP/Zener cards ask, “How do I create a stack of ESP cards that is not a simple rotating sequence, and thus easily spotted by others?” Here Doug builds upon what has been previously attempted and slams it with a home run, creating a very easy to learn (or even memorize) stack. Doug then provides you with a few routines utilizing same. Each routine is a very strong effect all by itself.

“Menologue” is Doug’s version of the diary trick, created and made famous by Bob Cassidy. What you will find amazing, as with all of Doug’s work in this series of books, is the fact that you learn the history and steps taken to get to Doug’s final version so you can indeed think for yourself. As I said, not only does he give you some brilliant ideas, but he gives you tools and the understanding to use those tools for yourself. There have been many attempts to improve Bob’s work on this for some reason. Many have failed, a few shine. This one shines.

I really do not want to take all the surprises away from you for this so I will simply tell you that Doug gives you a powerful way to mark a deck of cards, and a parlor effect that will leave the guests with a very personal and emotional moment, something we entertainers all strive for and few ever reach.

Again I can‘t stress enough how much you will learn when reading Doug’s writings, and how your skills will expand as a result.

I can only hope that at some point, Doug will put all these offerings into a hard-bound volume; then again, that might be too much for any reader to handle, and the powerful tools might get lost … come to think of it, for me that would be a good thing as I could keep them all to myself!” — [USA]

“Two words: Love it!” — [USA]

“Great … I like ‘The Vision’ & the rest … thanks for publishing this book.” — [USA]

“Great stuff... excellent!” — [U.K.]

“Thank you very much for making such good ideas avaliable! [Doug’s] books are first class mentalism, with real improvements, useful tips, in-depth work on every topic!” — [France]

“Performed ‘Menologue’ at my local club last night — got a standing ovation.” — [N. Ireland]

“… great effects …” — [USA]

“Dyment should be renamed Dynamite, as Doug’s latest book, Idiopraxis, is absolutely exploding with quality material, from the near-definitive work on the magic square, through his breakthrough “Zenith Stack”, to “The Vision”, which I predict will go straight into many working mentalists’ acts. Brilliantly written and illustrated, with credits and history. Don’t just sit there, buy one now! This is explosively hot!” — [U.K.]

“excellent” — [U.K.]

“I had a chance to go through Idiopraxis a few times, and as is the case with all of [Doug’s] material, I truly enjoy it! There’s a lot of great thinking and entertaining routines.” — [USA]

[Idiopraxis] is great. Thanks!” — [USA]

“I am particularly excited about ‘On The Square’, because I thought that a ‘live’ magic square was beyond me when under fire. Your method/process makes it possible … The Zenith Stack is wonderful … Menologue is excellent …” — [U.K.]

“For the first time last night I created a magic square without a crib. I’m pumped. I expect to use this tool for the rest of my life. I’ll certainly include my square presentation more often, especially when working up-close. That’s not to say I couldn't use this on stage. It works anytime, anywhere.

The value of Idiopraxis is hard to beat. I found three new tools I can use to help with effects I already do. I also found four new performance pieces that fit my persona. I’m not sure which ones I’ll use the most but I’m having a blast with one of them already and I’ve only had the book for about 30 hours.” — [USA]

“‘The Vision’ effect is fabulous.” — [USA]

Idiopraxis contains a number of interesting and provocative ideas to stretch your brain. From a ‘real’ magic square, through an amazing Zener card stack, to an easy-to-read way to mark playing cards, this book will stir your imagination. Every routine and concept is detailed as only Doug can. If you’re looking for my personal favorites, check out the completely impromptu ‘Penney’s From Heaven’ and the highly-entertaining performance piece, ‘The Vision’. Great stuff from a top creative mind!” — [USA]

“Just wanted to let everyone know how much much i enjoyed Idiopraxis. The ten pieces are in a beautifully edited 60–page book, with each effect credited where credit is due, and footnotes containing a wealth of information for those who want to take the subject matter further. Only Doug could have written such a book, which definitely stands out from the general level of mentalism publications. Personal favourites include constructing a magic square from scratch, legitimately or by mystery means. Stacks using Zener cards are given a welcome twist and Cassidy’s diary trick has been updated and given a unique hands-off approach. An easy to overlook ‘invisible’ coin effect for those looking for impromptu material. Well worth buying for all interested in elegant mentalism.” — [U.K.]

Idiopraxis is the best thing I’ve read all year. The Natal Square reading system was worth the price of the book on its own. It’s genius, and if this is the material you’ve released to the community, any of the material you’re keeping close to the vest must be absolutely incredible.” — [Canada]

“I have Idiopraxis, and everything that Doug has published. I always get new ideas that I can use. Always. Thanks again and again and again!” — [Israel]

Idiopraxis [is] fabulous!! … amazing and insightful on so many levels.” — [USA]

“Wow! Absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Thank you!” — [USA]

“Anything Doug Dyment writes is a ‘must read’ for me. And Idioproaxis contains a couple of items that the pros have been after him to release for a long time.” — [USA]

“I’m very pleased with Idiopraxis! Quality and content are top notch and I’m already using ‘On the Square’.” — [U.K.]

“I have a feeling that “The Natal Square” will be one of my new treasures to perform.” — [USA]

“I don’t buy much mentalism anymore; but I always get Doug’s offerings and am never disappointed. As with his previous publications, this one is less about effects (of which we have more than enough) and much more about providing elegant tools (of which we have far too few).” — [USA]

“Doug Dyment is one of mentalism’s greatest thinkers, and before I’d even opened it, I knew that Idiopraxis would be full of well-thought-out ideas, tips, and effects. This book exceeds my high expectations, and is essential reading for any serious mentalist. Everyone will have their own favorites, but mine was the “Zenith Stack”, a sequential stack of ESP cards, along with two easy ways to create genuine magic squares, including one using the person’s date of birth. I also loved “Menologue”, Doug’s hands-off version of the diary effect. He’s also included a practical method of marking Bicycle cards; “Couplet”, a highly commercial effect demonstrating unusual synchronicity in a pair of participants; “The Vision”, a stunning card effect; and “Penney’s From Heaven”, which I've been doing ever since I first read it in Neal Scryer & Friends. When I look at what I perform on a regular basis, it’s astonishing how much of it comes from Doug. Now, thanks to Idiopraxis, I’ll be adding even more of Doug Dyment to my repertoire. Highly recommended.” — [New Zealand]

… Doug Dyment