The long-awaited “big hardcover” (published by Vanishing Inc.) …

Doug Dyment’s

Calculated Thoughts

Calculated Thoughts

After more than twenty years of writing, producing, and selling his renowned assortment of slim, yellow, paperback books to mystery entertainers worldwide, Doug has finally been persuaded to create a magnum opus, a large, single high-quality volume that collects his works in more permanent form. Hence, Calculated Thoughts. This tome incorporates three types of content: previously-published material (updated and expanded in most cases), never-before-published material, and a hefty handful of contributed items (exceptional performance pieces that he has managed to wrest from the clutches of their creators, and which might not otherwise have seen print).

Consequently, this is a sizeable book (publisher Vanishing Inc. notes that it is one of their “biggest books in many years”). It measures 6.25 × 9.25 × 1.19 inches (15.9 × 23.5 × 3.0 cm), weighs 2 lb, 6 oz (1.07kg), and contains 398 pages with over 200 illustrations and, yes, 288 footnotes.

The Table of Contents is reproduced below. Individual summaries of many chapters can be found among the descriptions of the earlier, mostly-now-out-of-print books, along with copious reviews of Doug’s work, collected from around the globe.

  • Comments on Terminology
  • Foreword :: Ken Weber
  • Magic Squares
    • Flash Squared
    • Foundation Square
    • Square School
    • The Natal Square
    • Fair & Square
  • Full Deck Stacks
    • On the Ordering of Playing Card Suits
    • Hiding a Sequence in Plain Sight
    • The DAO Stack
    • The 4D Stack
    • QuickStack 3.0
    • SnapStack
    • The Q Stack
    • The Zenith Stack
    • The Chroma Stack
    • The ChroMem Stack
  • Card Capers
    • Menologue
    • PokerFace
    • PokerPlay
    • An Immoderate Deception
    • Major Arcanum
    • Couplet
    • Bob’s Your Uncle
    • ESPerimental
  • Quarto
    • Introduction
    • Evolution
    • Execution
    • Consummation
    • Contribution
  • Zenermancy
    • Introduction
    • Symbols: Introduction
    • Symbols: Interpretation
    • Transitions: Introduction
    • Transitions: Interpretation
    • A Reader Prepares
    • Reading Dynamics
    • An Abecedarian Adjunct
    • Coloured Symbols
    • Bibliography
  • Wordplay
    • Sign Language
    • Verbiage
  • Mystery Mélange
    • Penny’s From Heaven
    • Spoiled for Choice
    • FourSight
    • The Real Thing
    • The Vision
  • For The Toolkit
    • BikeMarks 2.0
    • Tick Tock Too
    • How to Construct a Forcing Matrix
    • Premise NV
    • Marker Cribs
  • Musings
    • On Performance
    • On Overthinking
    • On the Use of Props in Mentalism
    • On Extrasensory Perception
    • On Psychic Guilt
    • On Predicting the Future
    • On Cold Reading
    • On the Validity of Readings
    • On Being a Perpetual Student
    • Instant Cash: The Story of Bill
  • Borrowed Business
    • The BBB Peek
    • Design Duplicity
    • Psi Coin
    • C.C. Seer
    • Figmental
    • Bloodied
  • Acknowledgements
  • Afterword :: Richard Webster

::   R e a d   B e f o r e   O r d e r i n g   ::
This is a big, heavy book. And my Canadian location means that most orders placed here will be international shipments (hence expensive).

Consequently, you will likely find it more thrifty to purchase Calculated Thoughts directly from Vanishing Inc. or your favourite dealer.

Some readers’ comments:

“The title, Calculated Thoughts, is particularly apt for Doug Dyment’s magnum opus. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Doug Dyment is ‘brilliant’. But the second is ‘calculating’.

Doug’s ability to methodically analyze an effect or presentation, spot its flaws or potential flaws, then carefully rework the material to eliminate them, is a wonder to behold. That Doug’s routines are powerful is a given. But equally important, they are purposeful. Doug has the kind of mind that blends insight with method. Every component of an effect is chosen for maximum impact.

The material within Calculated Thoughts is as beautiful as you would expect from a mind like his. Some of it I was already familiar with, having used it in my own shows for years. His work on the center tear ranks among the very best there is. His work on card stacks has been my go-to since he first clued me in. ‘The Real Thing’ is the kind of ‘stage illusion’ sized mentalism I love. And again, I have relied on it in many, many corporate shows.

But there is so much more! Impossible mysteries with magic squares, billets, Zener cards, Zodiac signs. You will use practically all of it. Those few effects that you decide not to use will delight you with their thoughtful elegance and will provide inspiration for creative leaps of your own.” — [USA]

“Up until now, the intensely cerebral mind reading of Doug Dyment has been one of the best-kept secrets in mentalism. In Calculated Thoughts, his handlings of stacked decks and magic squares—as well as his thought-provoking presentational ideas—are updated and, along with generous helpings of brand new material, revealed to our community. Every working mentalist should have this on their desk. There are Calculated Thoughts in every presentation I do!” — [USA]

“An advertising executive once said, ‘There are no new ideas. Only old ideas with a fresh coat of varnish on them.’ This ad man never met Doug Dyment! Calculated Thoughts is literally a treasure trove of brilliant, original, high-impact concepts and effects for the working mentalist. If you crave material that is fresh, devious, and 100% undetectable, get Calculated Thoughts. I promise you, this book will not end up on your bookshelf. It will be next to your bed, next to your favorite chair, next to your dinner plate, in your briefcase, and anywhere you happen to be. It’s that good!” — [USA]

“Revolutionary work on magic squares … his impromptu magic square calculation is the finest version ever published.” — [UK]

“It’s clear that Doug is the kind of mentalist to obsess over his creations: each trick [and] concept is painstakingly described, with many variations and suggestions, details that you just don’t find in most magic books.” — [USA]

“For those who’ve not had the chance to enter the mind of Doug Dyment … your time has come! For those in the know, it’s time to give thanks that all his material and much more are now available in a gorgeous hardcover book. I predict this will become a neoclassic of modern mentalism.” — [USA]

“Doug Dyment is one of the deepest thinkers in mentalism and Calculated Thoughts is his magnum opus. The depth to which he explores each of his chosen subjects is simply breathtaking. He shines a highly perceptive light into some of the darkest corners of mentalism technique and reveals insights that will remain with the art for decades to come.

A brand new approach to magic squares, new full-deck stacks, new billet technique, prop-less ideas, hard-hitting corporate mentalism, an analysis of giving readings. There is something for everyone in Calculated Thoughts, but more than that, Doug explores each of these areas to a depth that is very seldom seen in mentalism literature and the insights he reveals are truly staggering. I have no doubt that this book will make us all better mentalists.” — [UK]

“Now you have the opportunity to discover what, up until the publication of this book, has been one of mentalism’s best-kept secrets; you are about to dip into the vast creativity of Doug Dyment, a true ‘underground’ genius.” — [USA]

Calculated Thoughts is authoritative, entertaining, and full of commercial material: essential reading for anyone interested in the art of mentalism. It is destined to become a classic.” — [New Zealand]

… Doug Dyment